Stop the rot – action research on handpump quality in sub-Saharan Africa

Handpump use in Sierra Leone

Premature corrosion and failure of water supply hardware, particularly handpumps, is widespread in countries within Sub-Saharan Africa, but evidence is limited and largely anecdotal. If drillers are not assured of quality handpumps in country, how can they install pumps that provide water users with the services that they deserve? For the tens of millions of … Read more

Water One: Water is a Human Right

Water One

Installation: Wechselkabine, St. Leonhardbrück, St. Gallen, Switzerlandby Kerstin Danert and Rahel Flückiger Water is a Human Right Ponder beyond the tapPast the pipesAnd visit hidden placesRivers, groundwater, pondsInvestment, technology, politics Your image remains with meSince South SudanWhere did you carry that water?Through rangelands, woodlands on pathsUsing your strength and fulfilling your responsibility And where are you now?Six … Read more

New beginnings

Cows going to drink, Chad, 2013

Ask for Water GmbH was founded in January 2020 and is based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The new company provides clients with consultancy, research and training services − combining science, engineering, social science and the arts. Ask for Water GmbH works through genuine dialogue with its clients to address pressing global concerns in water, environment, … Read more